Friday, October 14, 2011

Wandering aimlessly?

I'm guessing I'm on the verge of another swing in my scrapbooking style. not sure where I'm going this time, or if I'll ever get back to a consistent look. Just take a look at my last few pages, and see why I say I'm all over the place again. 

This one was a page I did for our Frugal Finds Challenge over at Practical Scrappers. Kerri had challenged Christine and I to use food colouring. I decided to make my own glitter glue, using up what was left in the kids' white glue bottle, adding green and blue food colouring, and some fine green glitter.  I had fun experimenting, and squirting out swirls and flourishes onto my splat mat, hoping they would be usable once dry. They peeled of nicely, and the final colour reminded me so much of melted cotton candy that I knew exactly what photos to look to for inspiration. throw in a bunch of odds and ends from my scrappy "junk" drawer, and voila!

This one is fun, but that diamond pattern is a bit hard on the eyes. Very clean and graphic for me, it feels like it's been ages since I placed a photo straight on a page. 

So this one ended up pretty straight too, but I'm not in love with the big space between my title words. I don't know why I insisted on keeping that large felt "you" , after not being able to make it work well. Perhaps because of how cute it looked with one of my handmade polymer acorns in the center of the "O".
I'm anxious to figure out where this transition is bringing me. It would be nice to have some layouts that I really love soon, but I know that my Mojo is just working through something lately, and it'll all come together soon.
I'll be sure to share once it does :)


JJ Sobey said...

I think we all go through scrappy times like this. Don't hate on the pages, I think they are fine.

Christine said...

I agree with JJ :). You know I've been stuck in the "what the heck is she going to do next?" phase for awhile...I think it's frustrating for our brains but good for stretching our creativity and surprising ourselves.