Friday, December 10, 2010

where does time go?

As I sit here nursing our 18 day old son, I'm thinking of the events of this day 4 years ago, when I first began this strange journey of motherhood. My feelings of elation and shock as they handed me an 8lb 2.5 oz. baby with a scrunched up little face. Our little Ethan. I was so unsure of what kind of a mother I would be, if i'd know what to do when I needed to. I remember being calm about the whole parenting thing once we got him home, but at the same time terrified for the day when my husband would go back to work.
Fast forward 4 years, and add 2 more babies- now I look back and realize how easy it really was with one baby. I definitely have more confidence in my parenting abilities, but I still have days when I question if I'm a good mom, and if I'm doing the right things for my kids.

Four years ago today I became a mom for the first time to a sweet little boy:

A little boy who today at 4 years old is still showing me the limits of my patience, helping me discover my creativity in things like cake decorating and toy mending. Helping me to become more diplomatic in matters of sharing and compromise, be a better listener, storyteller, tucker inner,  and all the things a mom needs to know.

What other job do you know where you start with no previous experience or training, and learn on the job? I've got 4 years experience now, but I still feel totally unprepared for the challenges ahead...

I must be doing something right.

Happy Birthday Ethan!