Monday, August 16, 2010

This is where I used to scrap...update

I may bore you all to tears, but I'm going to try to post photos of my scrap space as it evolves, and record the headaches that come along with the renovations. It's really too bad I don't have any photos of how it really used to look- I think I may find some of those when our recovered photos are here.

The demolition is done, and measurements taken for the ductwork. The cabinet design is done, and just needs fine tuning...good thing I asked about the height of the countertops this morning, or everything would have been at desk height. ( I'm used to standing at countertop height). That little hiccup will change quite a few measurements, and possibly rule out upper cabinets along the long wall under the ductwork. I'm still unsure, but I think The counter height and lots of drawer space is more important.

So girls wanna see what happened to our space? (speaking to my cropping buddies)

This was it last Thursday:

That was early in the morning, after Mark and I finished emptying it. The yellow room if you don't recognize it is the back room that was filled with books and movies ( and boxes of books and all the other junk we haven't found a home for yet).

This is what it looked like Thursday afternoon:

And what it looks like today:

This is the view standing at the back wall of the back room ( which is all one big room for now)

 And this one from where my computer used to be- looking at the back room.

( if you look closely you'll see my abandoned and much needed washer and dryer stored in the furnace room- the guys were supposed to come this afternoon to hook them up temporarily...I'm still waiting!)

The real work will start only at the beginning of September, so unless I scan in some design plans, there shouldn't be any more updates until then.

Now I just need to figure out how to scrapbook a 12 x 12 page in an 8 x 8 space....


Teri said...

Big changes! Looking forward to seeing the transformation! I always like to see how others organize their space. :)

Isabelle said...

O-M-G!!! i think i'm freaking out for you!!! i really hope all the renos go off without a hitch!
i for one am very interested in seeing the evolution of the reno

JJ Sobey said...

I scrap 12x12 in an 8x8 space all the time, LOL! (Then I clean up my mess, LMAO!)

You're welcome to come crop over here any time!

CraftyGirl said...

Wow! what a project you have here!! I'm sure you will be glad when it is done and you can sit and create in your new space!!
barb :)