Thursday, August 19, 2010

This is where I used to scrap...Groan!

They finally came and did the temporary install for the washer and dryer yesterday, but with the duct work being rerouted, I'm only able to get in there at night to do anything. It's going to take a few days to get caught up on laundry- good thing we don't plan on leaving the house while they are working, or I'd need more than mismatched outfits for the boys.

Did I tell you that I used to work in telecommunications? for a few years I was responsible for managing  equipment required on site for fiber optic rings ( systems) and working with installation crews to make sure everything and everyone arrived on time. I processed emergency orders, movement of material from site to site and final reconcillation and billing- blah blah blah...what I'm getting at is that I've worked with a lot of installers, lots! So I'm not surprised at the following events.

Long story made short- there were water pipes in the way, and the guys asked me if it was okay if they passed the duct work on the other side of them. In the same breath they added " we don't really have a choice" ( in their best Quebecois). Maybe it's because I'm native New Brunswicker -LOL, but what I understood, and what they were planning were two totally different things. Not only does the bulk head pass along the entire length of back wall, they passed it through the side wall of the back room which is going to be the laundry/bathroom- right where the shower should sit.
I'm sure it's going to require more material, and add a few more hours onto the job, but they have no choice but to move the ducts to go around the outside of the room ( which was the original plan) and replace the studs they chopped down in the side wall.

Did I mention they chopped one of my motions sensors for the alarm off the wall? I got a call from our security company yesterday asking if everything was ok- only to descend into the basement and find one guy with the motion sensor in hand- he thought it was wireless, and that he could just move it.

We also had a small drip of a leak in a drain pipe in the furnace room. it's been there since we moved in, and we've had a bucket under it. Yesterday the bucket got moved when the washer and dryer got relocated. No one knew to put it back where it was.
No biggie...until someone also knocked the drainpipe, and turned our small drip drip into a trickle.

Now I'm waiting for the electrician and the plumber.

wish me an uneventful day!

on a positive note, I got my photos back yesterday! WHOOOHOOO!!
as I copied them over to my desktop, I kept seeing stuff I forgot I had, and feeling even more grateful that I hadn't lost them all forever- all 22,000+ photos! I won't complain of not having any photos to scrapbook for a long, long time!

Here's my scraproom in much earlier glory days:


Denise said...

What a lovely room!!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Oh ...I am so thinking of you with all your construction and what you are going through. Gorgeous craft room!!

Isabelle said...

oh Erin! i just cringed at reading your story... they could ask you doesnt take that much more time