Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rainy Days

First let me say that I'm amazed that I'm actually posting twice to my blog in the same day! This having the computer in the playroom might be a cool thing after all.

We've been hit with crazy rain the last couple of days, and  even though the sun is out for now, everything is just too soggy to warrant going out with the boys. Monday- Painting and playdoh playdate with Luke, Yesterday more playdoh, and the start of a dinosaur train for the playroom wall.

First let me say that I had visions of either cutting these cute digital images by Dustin Pike on my Cricut,  in layers of pattern and colour, or spending hours carefully colouring them with my copics.

Then the kids needed something to do- so we broke out the crayola markers:

Still a work in progress ( Ethan got sucked in by Word World on TV and abandoned his egg car). I think we'll let it wrap around the wall if the kids are still interested in coloring more.

Maybe I've been spoiled, or maybe we just need new markers for the kids, but man I missed my copics!


Deborah March said...

Aawww, colourful, fun, and just plain FABULOUS!