Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keep off the grass!

Last week end we went to a BBQ at a friend's place. I finally caved and let Parker play in the grass. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind either of the kids getting dirty, in fact I have been known to encourage it at times. I'm just afraid of all the weird stuff that Parker might eat. This is only the second time this summer that i've set him down in the grass, and it was hilarious both times. He didn't want any part of his skin to touch it, and kept lifting his feet and hands one after another. He got over it almost as quickly as I got over the guilt I felt for laughing at him.


Claude said...

This is adorable, I love the hearts for leaves!

Christine said...

Erin-You are the winner of our blog candy over at Practical Scrappers! Send me an e-mail with your address at

I noticed you did a layout last week for our challenge-make sure you post it on our site with Mr. Linky-then you are entered to be featured on our site. Thanks for participating!

Ashlee said...

Hi Erin!! Just stopping by from Practical Scrappers to say Congratulations!!! You have an awesome blog!!