Thursday, August 13, 2009

Challenged again!

Thank goodness for good friends to get you out of a rut! Not only is my friend Claude good at getting me started with a good challenge, she's also encouraging me to use up some of my plentiful stash. The challenge today comes from a blog site called Practical Scrappers. The site aims to issue challenges to help us all use up some of the valuable stuff we've already got. This week's challenge is to use up some of those stickers!

Here's my concoction: I also managed to use some new brads, a new diecut( which I honestly never thought I'd find a use for!) and those pebbles I've been trying to use since I bought them months ago!
Have you finished yours yet Claude?! ;)


Claude said...

First off, this is one of my favourite of yours! Love all the elements!
Second, I'm glad I could "help" you out of your rut.
Third... (I bow my head in shame) No, I haven't done the challenge! I planned on scrapping tonight, so I'll do that then!