Friday, August 14, 2009

I forgot to mention...

Did I forget to mention that this little darling decided to take his first steps on Wednesday afternoon? Yep- right in the middle of our family room ( this photo is not our family room- this was yesterday on our back patio as I tried to photograph some layouts quickly :)). He teetered for a second, took a step then sat down. He got right up and did it again 2 more times in a row. Unfortunately we ran around so much yesterday he didn't have much chance to try it again. I figured he'd literally follow in his brother's footsteps and start walking around the 12 month range. Had to figure he'd be trying to "beat" Ethan and start at 10 1/2 months!
I'll have the point and shoot ready to catch some video today if he decides to do it again!


Claude said...

Man, the little dude is fast! Kira was 15 months AND Sean was 17 months when they started walking!

Fleur-de-Lys said...

I was so emotional to see him walking toward me the other day... Oooh ! Is he giving you troubles now :p ?

And please, tell me the clock setting on your blog is wrong... What were you doing here at 3:58 AM !?

(BTW, the pop-up window make it easier for me to comment, ahaha)