Sunday, September 7, 2014

TheJoys of Fall.

Last week my 3 oldest boys started back to school. Luckily, I got to be the parent on duty for my 3 year old's first day at preschool. At one point I stepped out in the hallway with him to put something in his bag, only to see my 5 year old seated in his classroom across the hall, and then turn and bump into my 7 year old who was on his way to the Gym. You could feel the excitement in the air; kids with new shoes and new books, meeting their new teachers and classmates in bright fresh classrooms. All at once, new routines as well as old familiar ones.

Every year, it surprises us how the two small Maple trees at the end of the parking lot always insist on starting to turn red before any others in our neighborhood. Its almost as if they have some duty, being connected to the school, to signal the official start of fall and of the new school year.

 This week I had my first Salted Caramel Mocha of the season, and keep testing the weather by repeatedly putting on and removing a hoodie. Soon it will be cool enough that a sweater will be more of a necessity than wishful thinking, and then I'll know that my favorite season is well under way.

This month at Challenge YOUrself the challenge is to scrap a page about our favorite thing about fall. Since I have so many things I love about this time of year, I focused on the people I love sharing them with.

You can join the challenge this month by scrapping about your favorite thing about Autumn, and linking your project upon the blog. I hear there is a very cool prize this month for one lucky participant ;)


Sharon Fritchman said...

I love fall, too, Erin! What a beautiful page you made! Your masking and circles look simply amazing. I love the reasons why you like fall, too.

Lesley G said...

Love your misting, masking, spraying. Highlights that family photo just perfectly!

Casandra Bennett said...

Gorgeous background paper you created there. With the change of each season, I always think "ooh, this is my favorite season." There is something to love with each of the seasons; glad I live in a climate where I get to experience it all. :)