Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kick in the Pants

I have a friend who is an amazing scrapbooker, and does the most innovative things with supplies.  The problem is, she needs a gentle reminder every now and again of what she has, and needs a nudge to use it. While she was searching for an app, or a blog that gave daily product challenges, I remembered a blog template that I created back in 2010, and never made public. Mojo Hunting was initially supposed to be filled with funky challenges, and ideas to help when you just don't know where to begin anymore...well now it's been brought back to life,  but on a very simple scale. Every day I give a different item to use on a page. 

Since I'm not at the point anymore where I can complete a project a day, I've combined the first few items in a page.

First item 02/19: Felt (at least 3 pieces if possible)
second 02/20: Number stickers
third 02/21: 2 colours of ink

So if you are stuck, or just need a reminder of some of the cool things you've got hidden away, come visit me over at 
You can also find Mojo Hunting on Facebook

I'd love to get some product ideas from you!
Happy Hunting!


Claude said...


You know what? i saw you working on this, but I'm not sure I ever saw it right side up! Looks great!