Sunday, September 30, 2012

Still getting gluey

It's been quiet here lately. I've been taking as much as a break as I can from my craft room and blog to do absolutely nothing...well ok not nothing. As soon as my little boys heads hit their pillows, and dinner dishes are cleared, I head for the bath or the couch, and usually don't have the energy to move until bedtime. I have to keep reminding myself that even though it looks like I'm just being a bump on a log, that my body is working extra hard creating this baby, and caring for the boys during the day is using up all added energy reserves. thanks to Friday night crops with the girls, and a few assignments to give me a nudge, I'm managing to stay a bit productive though.

This week Helmar and Want2Scrap have teamed up, and there should be some fun projects up on the Helmar blog. I worked with papers from Susan K. Weckesser. Just the splash of color I've needed after being so focused on neutrals lately.

I had forgotten about the day I armed the boys with a full counter of blank paper, and some new glitter paints. They really amaze me when they are painting or working with playdoh. There's very little focus on what they are creating. They just have fun with whatever medium they have, and love to try out all the colours. Ethan's getting good at creating creatures and people from imagination, but It's still pretty much about the paint for him.

I've discovered that my preferred liquid glue for paper is Helmar's Acid Free Glue. I'm learning to deal with the permanence of the bond, and not trying to peel things apart anymore. For a girl who glues before thinking, that's a big deal. I used Helmar's Premium Craft Glue for the felt pieces, and Zapdots foam spacers to raise the house.

Now that we're 15 weeks into baking this bun, I should have more energy coming to me, and hopefully that means more playing with paper and glue.