Monday, November 7, 2011

A bit of everything and anything

I'm not scrapping much these days, and I miss it horribly. Things are just a bit too hectic around here for me to get much time alone in my scraproom. I think it all started about 3 weeks ago when the flu bug hit our house. The last victims are slowly on the mend and back to school this week. In addition to the sick household, I received some bad news last week about my 6 1/2 year old cat Edgar.  I took him in for a routine check-up, and his vaccines which were long overdue, in preparation for the arrival of our new puppy next week-end. The vet checked him over and asked me if we could hold off on the shots, and do some blood tests instead. Long story short, Edgar has cysts all over his kidneys, and is having chronic renal failure. He's now on medications, and a special diet to help, but the prognosis isn't good. I'll hopefully know more after our next vet visit on Wednesday, when we get a look at his kidneys to see how bad the situation is. Poor kitty, here I was thinking that the drive to the vet's office was the most stress he was going to have before the puppy arrives, and now we don't even know how long he's going to be with us.

On a brighter note, I have a new page done for My Momenta featuring some of their fun puffy stickers. Who can't use a bit of glittery puffiness to brighten their day?

Oh and here's one I forgot to share. It was posted on Halloween for Momenta as well. Have I ever mentioned how much I love googley eyes?

And now that My friend Claude has posted her layout from our First annual Mad Hatter Day Crop, I think it's safe to go ahead and post mine. I invited the girls over for a special crop on 10/6 (also the hat size tucked into on the Mad Hatter's  hat band). We had tea instead of our usual Lattes, cupcakes, a few nonsensical rules, and a surprise paper swap where we each had to bring 3 pieces of patterned paper that somehow matched what we were wearing. We each ended up with one of each others papers, and had to make a layout with photos we took and a few extra goodies.

All I can say is thank goodness for double sided papers, and for understanding friends who willingly put up with my hairbrained schemes, even when it means cutting into papers they were intending for another purpose.

Happy Monday everyone!


Mara... said...

Your layouts are great!! So many fun colors. I love all the dimension and texture on your first layout. And so sorry to hear about your kitty!

Isabelle said...

like i said on Claude's blog "so sad i couldn't make it to the party this year. looks like you guys had a blast! hopefully Erin will do it again next year and i can make it then :)" i'll cross my fingers. love the layout!