Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rainy Day

Today was a rainy day. I used to love rainy days, I'd curl up with a big mug of tea, read a book, do something creative, have a nap.  Now I have 3 kids. Three very active kids. ( well ok one REALLY active, 2 kinda active kids). I really dislike rainy days.

Today's craft took all of 2 minutes to prepare, and unfortunately it kept the kids attention just about as long. I need to find something easy enough for them to do that will also keep them busy for at least 10 minutes.

I had to make one to show them how to do it, and I applied the glue and drew the smile. I love Ethan's rainbow hued guy. We also put magnets on the backs so they could play with them on the fridge downstairs. Too bad I banned them from the room about 20 minutes later for being too rambunctious.

In other creative adventures, here's a page I made a couple of weeks ago for a store sample using the new BabySaurus line from Little Yellow Bicycle.

The best part of this one for me was the orange swirls which were scraps left over from a diecut  I made, and getting to use one of my new paper/pearl pens from Viva decor. These are my new go to scrapbooking supply. They are really just too much fun to use.


Claude said...

Lovethe catterpillars, and that layout is great!

Monika Wright said...

what a fun craft project, i'll have to try that one out with my girls!