Friday, June 17, 2011

Do's and don't for crafting father's day gifts with the kiddos

**ETA do not post Father's day gifts to your blog/facebook before giving the gift to your spouse. ( I feel so dumb)
  • do prepare as much as possible ahead of time.
  • do keep things as simple as possible
  • do try and make sure it's something dad will use/love
  • do keep 2.5 year old away from paints after application
  • do try and keep your patience under control while controlling paint smeared 2.5 year old
  • do not try and paint a 6 months old  hands and expect a clean handprint on anything except what you are wearing.
  • do not think you can juggle 20lb baby in one arm, hold back one painted limb, and apply second painted hand/foot to paper.
  • do not panic if baby eats green tempera paint ( try not to at least)
  • do not attempt getting paint anywhere near the 6 month old without another adult around for help...
  • do try and craft as near as possible to  an area where everyone can be easily hosed down!

do try this at home- it was worth it!

I got the idea here


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Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

I am so stealing this idea for later on in our years! Sounds like an adventure!

Christine said...

This is fabulous Erin! Thanks for the laugh :)

Lynn said...

love this What a wonderful idea for a loving Grandma as well :)