Saturday, September 4, 2010

This is where I used to scrap...update

Just a little update on the scraproom renovations.
It was a loud long week filled with jackhammers, air nailers, and loads of banging. This meant very short to no naps for the boys and I ( we're trying to catch up this week-end). We finally have the drains in for the bathroom, the floor re-poured, the sub-floor down, the walls and insulation up, and those pesky air ducts boxed in.
The cabinet designer has gone back to the drawing board to accommodate the changes in the bulkhead height, and the higher than anticipated floor. When he asked me if I mainly used the space by myself, and I told him I planned on having friends over on a regular basis, he laughed and asked how tall they all were...

So girls- no growing past 5'8" ok?
We'll drink lots of lattes to stunt our least vertically :P

 view looking from back "studio" wall towards bath/laundry
This is the view from the laundry into the "studio"

Monday to Wednesday next week, we're expecting the electrician and the plumber (as well as the new plans so we can be sure to get enough plugs and lighting where we need them). The next step will be to finally get the cabinets into production, and get all the drywall up- ughh more dust!

I think the computer area is going to now be located on the longest wall opposite the door. It just makes more sense because of the bulkhead. I've also agreed to drop the counter height down to 34' to give more space between upper and lower cabinets ( and because we've all solemnly vowed not to grow any taller...)

On a different project note, Mark went to get the paint today for Parker's new room. We're hoping he has time to start it tomorrow or Monday. ( today was all used up getting haircuts for both boys, and new indoor shoes for our preschooler...sigh)

The colours even sound bright and fun. Just imagine Morning sunshine ( soft yellow) on the upper half of the walls, white chair rail and Carrot stick ( bright orange) on the lower half. We plan on filling the space with the crib/toddler bed he has for now, and the dark green armoire and night stand. We're also on the lookout for Elephants, giraffes, zebras, monkey's and other fun animals to decorate with.

Have a great week-end


JJ Sobey said...

Weellllll.... I guess no wearing my 6-inch platforms.... :P

Kim said...

Oh, your new space is going to be FABULOUS!!!!!!
Kim xXx

Claude said...

Lots of lattes sounds good!

I miss you. Really, very much.