Thursday, January 7, 2010

Buttons! buttons! everywhere!

When I first started scrapbooking, other than patterned paper, buttons were one of my main embellishments. I fell out of love with them for awhile, I guess due to my growing stash of supplies, and probably because I didn't see their full potential.
Buttons can go anywhere that any brad, gem or pearl can go, and they often lend a warmth and homeyness due to their initial purpose as garment closures.

Here are 2 layouts I did for this week's button challenge at Practical Scrappers. One shows how you can use buttons as a simple accent, and the other in true Erin style, shows how to go completely overboard with one supply! LOL!


angiejean said...

You crack me up - "in true Erin style" - you should see all my buttons from this one. After i finished I was like, whoa, I didn't really mean to go that crazy. :) But these are great. I love the first layout. When I saw it the other day it gave me one of those moments of "Oh Yeah!" I was trying to put together a layout and I was just making it way harder than it needed to be. When I saw this, I was like, remember what this is about? Documenting life and being creative while you're at it. Thanks. And sorry this comment goes on for a mile!! Have a great day!

Barb said...

Love love LOVE these two LOs... perfect use of buttons here! And the mist on the first page is awesome. In fact, I'm gonna haul out my new colour of mist to play right now!! :)

Lynn said...

love both lo Erin. your on a roll ly