Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Few layouts

We're already 2 full days ( and a few hours) into 2010, and I feel like I've already messed it all up LOL! I had been planning on starting a photo a day challenge of some sort, and "forgot". I also conveniently forgot to make any sort of resolution this year. Maybe it's because both kids are sick, and I spent the morning at the clinic, or because I'm still worried about my crazy brother who decided it would be a good idea to have a snowmobile accident over the holidays. ( He had to have surgery to insert a metal rod and pins to repair a broken femur), but I'm not really feeling that 2010 has really given us a really fresh start. Can we get a redo?

Oh well- better just dive in headfirst then!
Here's a layout I did for last week's challenge at Practical Scrappers. I took a couple of pictures of this ( very large) woodpecker from my dinning room window. He didn't stay long, and I really didn't get great photos, but a little Photoshop went a long way.

Here's my last layout of 2009.
I had a blast working on this while on Skype with my buddy Claude. It's amazing- she left my house just before dinner, and we we're back to cropping later that evening through the magic of video as if she had never left ( ok she did complain that I couldn't make her a coffee, but maybe we'll find some sort of a solution for that).

I also had fun using my cricut on this one. I think it may just change my scrapbooking style up a little. I never would have thought of using American Crafts and Sassafras together like this before.

Hope you're all either keeping your resolutions so far, or are like me, and ditched them long before you ever had a chance to fail :)



JJ Sobey said...

hmmm - might have to look into this Skype thing....

My resolutions were pretty low-expectation... :P Starting with getting my layouts into albums instead of piles :0

Jamie Lane said...

Sorry to hear of the rough start...perhaps you are just getting it all out of the way!?! I love the layouts - those faces are so cracking me up!

rocklady said...

well gee erin, sorry to hear about your brother and that the kids are sick, not a good start to the year, but here's the good news, it can only get better from now on! happy new year!

love both your los, especially the woodpecker one, fantastic color!

Claude said...

I love that layout, it makes me happy looking at it!
Big hugs, the year can only get better!

Isabelle said...

wow Erin, it sounds like your 2010 started like mine the hospital! (my dad went back in)
i love the Scary face LO!!! ok i am so jealous of your Cricut, i want one tooooooo!!!!
i have Skype so let me know next time you and Claude get together and maybe we could do a conference thing!