Sunday, October 25, 2009

I think I sense some cross contamination approaching!

Oh oh! I just finished a layout with tons of ribbon on a giant spool of thread, dug out some old sewing and quilting books today , and machine sewed on a layout for the first time in my life ( can you believe that?! I'm not sure, but I think just seeing the Cosmo Criket "Girl Friday" collection turned fabric, and perusing Etsy ( also for the first time) last night has got me in the mood to do a little sewing again.

I realize now just how much I miss quilting and sewing. Many of the things I love about it are also quenched by my scrapbooking fetish. substitute fabrics for patterned paper, thread and sewing machine for my tape runner, and all types of notions for bling and embellies.

So why have I waited so long to bring real sewing into my scrapbook pages? Something in my brain needed desperately to keep the two worlds separate ( and all the tools on separate sides of my craft room). I still can't answer that question, but I think the more I venture into the blurred zone in between, the more satisfation I will get out of the creative process ( at least for now).

In the name of all things sewing, here is a link to a cute blog I've discovered called Sew Inspired. I'll leave you with my "Crafty" layout featuring the giant thread spool ( I know the ladies thought I was crazy trying to explain it Friday night!). I'd love to post my layout with the actual sewing, but it'll have to save for next week's design team reaveal on Practical Scrappers.