Friday, October 23, 2009

I must be nuts!!

Before nap, Ethan tried to "aquire" the card I had just finished and was photographing for the Imaginisce Design Team call. He said ( clutching it to his body and running away from me) " My give Murpy card!" For those of you who haven't yet met Murphy, he's Ethan's beloved stuffed monkey. ( here's an older layout featuring Murphy).
He's had him since birth, and has taken him everywhere.
Once I carefully pried the card from his little clutches, I told him we could make a card for Murphy after nap. He then replied " YOU get card for Murpy!" ok! ok! I give- "Mama will make a card for Murphy while you are sleeping ok?"
So, with Parker refusing to nap ( and wrapped around my leg) I created this less than exciting card for our friend Murphy.

Inside it says:

Mr Murphy,
Today Ethan asked me to make a card for you. I think he wanted to let you know how special you are. Thank you for being such a good buddy! We love you!

what a crazy mom!!


Jennifer Campbell said...

What an adorable card!!!

JJ Sobey said...

Yes, you are crazy, but that's why we love you. :P

Besides, you will later be putting this on the page with the picture of Ehtan & Murphy, and the whole story, right? :P

Lynn said...

This is wonderful. Ethan will remember long after the card has gone away to some safe place .... ly :)

angiejean said...

So funny! What a scream! :) love our kiddos!