Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sketch #141 LCTS

This week for Let's Capture These Sketches, we were working with a Sketch by Cindy Stevens. Thanks Cindy for guest sketching for us! The best part about sketches for me, is having a base for breaking out of your usual comfort zone for a change. I loved that the format of this sketch was 8.5x11, and that my first challenge was to figure out how I was going to translate that to 12x12.

Then I started breaking down individual areas and elements and figuring out how I wanted each set up, which is way more planning than I would ever consider when working without a sketch.  The result is a page that has more straight angles than usual for me, and more white in one space than I have used in a long time. I'm quite happy with the fresh result.

There are a ton of great examples from the Sketch team on the sketch blog, plus you can view the sketch and link your own take on it there.

Happy Friday!


Sherri said...

I felt the same way about converting it to 12x12. Live your take Erin and this colour combo, such a great line!

Christa said...

I really like how you extended this sketch. It's amazing how it just flows.

Karen Conner said...

I'm here for Practical Scrappers Anniversary-didn't see a new post-but I joined your site.

Love your blog!