Thursday, August 25, 2011

La La Land Crafts for Kids Contest

My boys (Ethan age 4 and Parker age 2) love it when I clear a space for them in my craft room and break out the punches and craft supplies. They've recently taken to stamping, and I keep tins of small stamps at hand just for them ( oh ok- sometimes I use them too). They even have a bin full of their own ink, and know how to clean the stamps when they are done. I've come to learn though there is one crafty technique they love more than stamping; they love to cut up paper. Armed with scissors, punches and a paper crimper, all I hear is cut, cut, cut ( they are boys after all).

I had stamped Star Boy Luka upon request for Ethan, and Fireman Luka for my Fireman crazed Parker so that they could make birthday bookmarks for a contest over at the new La-La Land Crafts for Kids blog. This is all we had to show for it: 

 by Ethan age 4 ( and 3/4)

by Parker age 2 ( and 3/4)

Not only that, they didn't even stick around long enough to help me clean up!

Oh well, I guess they take after me after all.


Kristine said...

OH I can just see them now!! They will take after mama and might even pass you up in a few years like MY girls are doing--eeks! *Ü* LOVE THIS! Tell them their bookmarks are awesome and each are unique. Keep up the artsy work boys!! THANK YOU for joining our kids contest at LaLa Land Crafts 4 Kids *Ü*

Jana Weaver said...

SOO adorable!! and great scissor skills for so young! I'm so glad they both played along with our first contest, and I hope you all keep coming back! Thank you!!