Saturday, July 9, 2011

I know how to do that!

I have a BFA. Before you try and google that and think I have some rare disease, it just means I have skills and knowledge that most of the "real world" don't  see as relevant. Bachelor of Fine Arts, in Studio Arts and Art History to be exact.  Some of my favorite courses in University were textile based technique classes. Printing and Dying techniques,  Fibers structures etc. Fibers structures is where I learned how to build things using techniques like coiling, embroidery, basketry, weaving, tapestry weaving, and so on.  Yeah I know, basket weaving in really!

So I had to chuckle a bit when I started this week's Focus on Techniques project for Practical Scrappers.  Having wrestled with approximately 20 open wire coat hangers and a ton of torn strips of rags in order to make an up-cyled shopping basket,  I found that a few strips of paper, and some cardstock were relatively easy to manage. So Mom and Dad, if you're wondering if all that time and money actually ever paid off...

The jury might still be out on that one!

Materials used: 
Momenta PA-0658 Primary Textured Cardstock 12 x 12
Momenta PA-2330 One Fine Day 12 x 12 Super Paper Pad
Momenta ST-2561 Pure- Polka Dot Puffy Alpha
Momenta ST-2600 Small Vibrant Chipboard Alpha
Momenta ST-3956  One Fine Day Sticker Kit
Bazzill Cardstock (white)


Monika Wright said...

great page! gotta love those Momenta goodies!