Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pink Elephants and Corrugated Cardboard

It's not as interesting as it sounds really, but  I've been making cards again. I might actually be starting to like the whole process of card making more- I know I say that with each new batch...
The first one was made for a challenge on the CARDS blog using 100% pink product. This is a huge challenge for a mom of 3 boys who has very little in the way of pink anything in her arsenal. Can you believe other than the sheet of pale pink Core-dinations and the Double Dot ( Bo Bunny) cardstock that I used on this card, I do not own a single sheet of pink cardstock?! I had to dig  and dig just to find those!Thank goodness for scraps!

This one was for  my brother-in- law's birthday. He's got a cute bulldog, so I couldn't resist this La La Land Stamp of Luka and Tuffy, and colouring Tuffy to look more like his dog Winston. I haven't played around with monochromatic colouring much until now, and it was a quick job, but I'm pretty pleased all things considered.

I got some great shots of Parker outside in the rain today. He looked like a sad puppy at the window after nap asking me if he could go outside. He kept saying " I lub the rain... " I did what any mother who is off her rocker would have done. I put on his boots and coat, gave him his choice of umbrella and took him out to splash in the puddles and mud of a half completed back yard ( loads of mud!!)


Barb said...

Love your cards, Erin! And Parker is adorable in this picture... your kids are all so photogenic! :)

Christine said...

I could have written the first few sentences of this post :) Love the all pink card...I hate pink and am still trying to wrap my brain around even attempting this!

JJ Sobey said...

Adorable photo - and not off your rocker - "BEST MOM EVER!"

Love the cards, too!

(Hmm word verification today: trick!)