Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crayola Vs. Copic

I haven't posted in awhile, just been busy with the kiddos, and trying to get some sleep whenever I can.
I had to stop by today though just to share a little gem with you.
Parker has been a VERY busy 2 year old lately, and this morning was no exception. I was ready to blow my gasket when he kept trying to grab the Copic markers from the bag on my table. I set him up with some white cardstock, and a bucket of his Pipsqueak Crayola markers. He still insisted on taking mine...I then fanned out all his colors on the table in front of him, and said "see? look at all the pretty colors you have!" his reply " Yeah but they not have names on the bottoms of dem!"

How could I argue?


JJ Sobey said...

He's no dummy - he recognizes quality. :P

(the word verification is "Sushis" - I think it's trying to tell me something)

Isabelle said...

lol! gotta get that sharpie out and start writting numbers on his marker caps!

Claude said...

Ok, I'm a month late, but at least I'm here!

This is just too funny and cute at the same time!