Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shading class

I taught my very first class on Monday night at Scrapbook Centrale, and promised the ladies I wold post the cards so they could actually finish them at home. I guess I had no idea there would be 7 students, and that it would take an hour to get through our first stamp.
It was lots of fun, especially seeing Natalie the owner actually take a class ( I won't name names, but someone on staff didn't believe me when I told them Nat was going to take the class with us).
After getting over the shock of how many colours I used to do the tongue on the Farm Girl from Rock the Farm Set ( The Greeting Farm), Nat settled right in.

If anyone has finished cards they want to show me, just leave me a link in the comments, or send me an e-mail! I'd love to see them, and I'd love any ( positive or not) feedback you might have on the class.



Jamie Lane said...

Great turn out, congrats! Your cards (and your coloring!) are terrific!

Claude said...

I had completely forgotten about your class! Glad it went well!

angelnathalie said...

Thanks Erin your class was great. I learned alot about shading. It went so fast I wished it would of been longer since I was learning so much and I was really having a great time. I will send you a link when I finish my cards.

Thanks again for the great class.

JJ Sobey said...

These are adorable cards - so glad the class went well.

Funny thing about time in a class - you could teach exactly the same thing to the same number of students, and have a completely different experience. Makes it hard to estimate class time, but it's fun.