Wednesday, December 16, 2009

8 days to go!

Every morning, the first thing out of Ethan's mouth is " Mama? My want to open my calendar!" ( his advent calendar). He loves moving the ornaments from the numbered boxes and hanging them in Santa's workshop, and he especially loves the candies hidden inside. He's good though, if there are 2 mint M&M's he'll share one with me ( one chocolate penguin? I'm not always so lucky :) ). It's due to the calendar though that I am painfully aware of just how close we really are to Christmas day.

I have been a bit productive this week, although the renovations have kept me from really decorating. Ethan loves decorating the tree- so much so that he got mad at us for finishing "his" tree in the playroom without him. The next morning, he insisted on removing and repositioning ornaments- for about an hour! Sunday we started decorating the real tree in our otherwise empty living room- (furniture should be arriving in January). Monday we baked cookies. They were the premade kind, but we had fun rolling the edges in coloured sugar.

The four of us spent time outside in the snow on Sunday. Parker likes it but gets frustrated really quickly because he can't move. It must be because he's a winter baby, but Ethan LOVES the snow; he wakes up each morning, looks out the window and yells "WOW!!... MORE (S)NOW!"
We've also introduced them to hot cocoa - or as Ethan calls it- " Hot Toclate with monsterlows"
(marshmallows). Parker got to taste a spoonful, and it was followed by sounds of "Mo! Mo!" and the repeated sign for "more".

I think we're planning on going this afternoon to get out H1N1 vaccines before the community posts close, so we don't have to trek to the clinic or doctor to get them. It's great that the kids got them already, but Mark and I would be in a bit of a bind if both of us fell sick at the same time with no family living nearby.

Before I leave for today, Here are some ornaments I played around making last week ( for this week's DT challenge on Practical Scrappers) . I used some acrylic ornaments by Clear Scraps, Peel-off's by Magenta, and Sakura Souffle and Glaze pens. I finished the edges using Glossy Accents, and some clear seed beads I found in Mark's mom's sewing box. ( It makes me feel good to use things like that especially on ornaments we'll enjoy as a family).

I hope to post again before Christmas, but you never know how busy things might get. So take time to enjoy the moments, and don't stress about making them perfect.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Cin Cin said...

The first thing out of my little man's mouth every morning is where is his advent calendar too (tee hee). Love your pics ANd your ornaments are totally beautiful! TY for the inspo! :)

RobinJ said...

I'm glad your little one is enjoying the Advent Calendar and LOL about Ethan making you reposition ornaments on his tree! Those were also great ornaments you did over at PS!

Claude said...

I saw those ornament on the S blog and I love them!

Sue Lelli said...

OMG! You have put me in the Christmas mood with those ornaments! Just LOVELY And it's so special that you were able to use things in Mark's mom's sewing basket! That makes them even more special!