Monday, November 23, 2009

Just don't read the journaling!

This week's challenge for Practical Scrappers is to use stitching on your layout. Given the recent dusting off my sewing machine has received, I was really excited to get going on this one. But things have been kinda hectic with the renos, and it totally slipped my mind. I remembered at about 12:45 on Friday night as my buddy Noemi and I were sitting in my craft room sipping lattes (rough life I know!)I knew my layout had to be in before Christine opened her e-mail Saturday morning.Leave it to Noemi to cheer me on. She said- "ok let's get it done!" and stayed with me from the first cut of paper right up until I scanned and sent the e-mail. ( which was at about 2am!)
I was disappointed that I had forgotten, but proud that I whipped up a half decent page in such a short time. Fast forward to Saturday morning- I was checking out the page before leaving for my Copics certification class at Scrapbook Centrale and then I reread the journaling WHOA! I guess something had to suffer in the speed of construction and the blurriness of the wee morning hours. I will be fixing it before adding it to the pile to be put away. ( I promise :) )


JJ Sobey said...

journaling could be fixed very easy. Looks like you only forgot a word.

"Ethan, you took....

I think you can squeeze it in. At that hour, I'm not sure I could have spelled anything, so you're well ahead of me. :P

Mrs. Dude said...

I LOVE the layout :D

I've read much less coherent scrapbook journaling from people who just write that way on a regular basis.. maybe they always do their journaling when they are up after midnight? Your journaling seemed alright to me, but good on ya for going back to fix something you're not 100% happy with.

You know, it makes me sad that some people go through the trouble to scrapbook but don't take the trouble to spell their words properly or write coherently.

If you can't spell, why not take a moment to run your journaling through a spell-check of some sort if before writing it on your page.... that's something I'd like to say to a lot of people who post their scrapbook pages in online galleries and scrapbook forums that I frequent... but I don't want to offend, so I bite my tongue :p Probably, my journaling isn't very great - but when I see big, blatant errors on other people's stuff, I just cringe.

Lynn said...

love it the page is perfect those little guys are so sweet :)

RobinJ said...

Great layout, Erin! You also have a fabulous blog! Glad to be working with you over at Practical Scrappers.

Happy Scrapping!