Sunday, February 8, 2015

What about January?

Well it seems I skipped right over posting January's challenge for Challenge YOUrself! Maybe not the best way to start a new year lol!

The January challenge is based on a concept developed by Ali Edwards, where you chose a single word to carry through with you in the coming year.

 Sounds easy enough? Yes and no. Choosing that single word to represent your goals and wishes for the entire year can be very hard. Although the challenge itself is now closed, it's not too late to choose your own word for the next 10 months.

Find out more, and see wsome great examples on the Challenge YOUrself blog here.

My page is here. I'm not going to go into detail about my word, as it means so many different things to me, on different levels.

I used the same paint application technique on this one, as I did on my February challenge. Fast and easy- you just apply a thin layer of paint to a piece of cellophane, and then lay the cellophane paint down on the paper and rub it. It's easy to see where the paint will go so you can control the exact placement. It looks wild and unplanned, but with this method, there are few unwanted surprises.

The hearts are made with pen and a heart template, and accented with dots made with a Viva Decor paper pen.


Christine said...

So I just saw this on pinterest and had to come over and see how you did the background! Love it!

Sharon Fritchman said...

I love it and your Feb challenge, too, Erin!!